About Us

DAUD IT Limited is a leading Software Development Company, offering custom software development, software products, offshore software development, professional outsourcing and software consultancy. Serving ISVs and SMEs covering Banking Sector, Non Banking Financial, Life Insurance and Pharmaceuticals. Established in 1999, DAUD IT  Limited has been delivering software products and services to nearly 100 clients at 500+ sites in Bangladesh, Japan, Denmark and Norway. Our technology focus, in-depth technical skills, proven expertise and best practices help us to reduce time-to-market and improve overall business results for our customers and partners. Through a dedicated team of highly skilled & motivated professionals, we provide quality and cost-effective Offshore Software Development services.

Since 2000 DAUD IT LTD has been providing excellent services to clients all over the world.  RAYS TALK & RAYS IPTV are sister companies of DAUD IT LTD. and provides a heavily built residential and business communication solutions that offer resiliency, transportability, and user friendly access for both RAYS TALK and RAYS IPTV. RAYS TALK services is available on the web: Raystalk.com on the Apple and Android app stores. RAYS TALK is headquartered in San Diego, CA. RAYS IPTV can be purchased by visiting or calling Our office: (619) 450-4131.