Life Insurance

DAUD ITL has the experience of providing software development services to life insurance companies. The solution contains all functions necessary for core life insurance business processes as well as accounting and financial management, investment and other life insurance product management capabilities.

The key features of the software are given below:

  1. New Business (Proposal Receive)
  2. Underwriting (Numerical Analysis)
  3. Re-Insurance Management
  4. Group Insurance
  5. Policy Issue & Record
  6. Agent & Development Employee Commissioning System
  7. Policy Loan Management
  8. Policy Alteration or Change
  9. Policy Laps Management
  10. Policy Surrender Management
  11. Policy Claim Processing
  12. General Accounting System
  13. Management Information System
  14. Development Personnel & Agency Information
  15. Payroll System
  16. Provident Fund System
  17. Pension System
  18. Utility Service System
  19. Security System
  20. Fixed Asset Management System
  21. Statistical Reports
  22. Valuation or Actuarial Mathematic

Pharmaceuticals Services:

DAUD ITL works with Pharmaceutical companies to help develop line of business applications for improving regulatory compliance, reducing time to market and increasing team collaboration and efficiency. DAUD IT LTD understands the challenges of the Pharmaceutical industry and has worked with both small and large Pharmaceutical companies to design innovative technology solutions to address these needs.

Examples of our services include:

  1. Human Resources Management
  2. Payroll Management
  3. Inventory Control
  4. Product Management
  5. Promotional Material Management
  6. Depot Management
  7. Doctors Locator Database
  8. Chemist Locator Database
  9. Sales Operation
  10. Customer Service
  11. Financial Accounting
  12. Vehicle Management
  13. SMS Interface
  14. Procurement
  15. Production Inventory management
  16. Drug information and formulation
  17. Production planning
  18. Process order release
  19. Manufacturing and packing
  20. Quality Assurance & Quality control
  21. Quality Assurance & Quality control
  22. Contract manufacturing
  23. Finished Product Delivery
  24. Document Management
  25. Dynamic Report Generator
  26. Costing
  27. Budgeting
  28. LC Management
  29. Cash Flow and Petty Cash
  30. Fixed Assets
  31. Supplier Bill Management
  32. Ratio Analysis