Our Services

Product Development:
Daud ITL offers full-cycle project and product development services.

In full-cycle projects, Daud ITL’s team works as your complete solutions provider: from ideas to design, development, implementation and support.
At Daud ITL we follow these steps for Software Product Development:

  • Requirements and Specifications
  • Prototype Development
  • Architecture & Product Design
  • Code Complete
  • Alpha Release
  • Beta Release
  • General Availability
  • Customer Care and Feedback

In order to correspond to the ever-changing requirements and opportunities of the IT world, most software products sooner or later need Technical Support and Maintenance services. If you have already purchased/customized or developed software from Daud ITL or another offshore software outsourcing company, we are out there to provide Technical Support and Maintenance of your software at first request.

Infrastructure Management:

Infrastructure Management solutions from Daud ITL allows you to manage, optimize, and automate distributed and mainframe operating systems, servers, storage, networks, middleware and hardware all to speed the attainment of Business Service Management. Our infrastructure management software products help to simplify network and systems management by monitoring and overseeing system performance and availability across your entire environment. Using these products, you can avoid IT infrastructure problems and resolve issues before they impact business availability.

Data Conversion:

We prepare your content for data bases, electronic publishing and the Web. DCL provides services to fine-tune your document conversion strategy, eliminate document redundancy, identify metadata, and prepare legacy and future documents for your true present and future needs, converts PDF, word processors, typesetters, all kinds of document formats, paper into XML, SGML, HTML, and other structured formats … more than 200 million pages converted.

Business Automation:

We have more than 10 staff members with various backgrounds and expertise in retail operations, merchandising, marketing, and computer, Internet Technology, and customer relations. We can help you increase the effectiveness and profitability of your retail business by teaching you how to tie together the power of technology with your retail operations and we will automate your business by providing an effective software solution.

Network Administration and Support:

  • Maintain network connections and monitor network usage on compliance to proposed user protocols.
  • Provide technical support to hardware and network related concerns.
  • Responsible for administrative support for the group.