Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy:

  • To ensure timely deliverable of the highest quality that will meet and exceed our customer expectations.
  • To continuously improve our work processes and relentlessly strive for customer satisfaction and cost competitiveness
  • To recognize that quality means complete commitment and dedication of every single member in the organization and to achieve this through employee process ownership and continuous training.

Quality Management System:

Quality is the guiding principle in everything we do, as an organization. DAUD ITL is committed to providing consistent levels of high quality products and services to our customers, driven by our effective Quality Management System.Our experienced team of Quality professionals continually improve our process framework, which strengthens our ability to deliver superior quality products and services.

The various components of our Quality Management System that covers all customer and internal projects are:

  • Comprehensive Quality Manual
  • Robust Technical and Quality Standards
  • Agile and Structured Lifecycles
  • Continuous process diagnosis
  • Causal Analysis and defect prevention techniques
  • Process Assets Library for reuse and prediction

Quality Culture:

Quality is an integral part of all our activities. Right from project initiation through planning, execution and release, and in our marketing, sales, recruitment and other functional activities, we follow stringent standards to ensure that our customers receive the best products and services.

Reviews are carried out during all stages of product development to ensure that defects are prevented early in the life cycle. Extensive test coverage and Internal Audits follow the defect removal process to ensure that residual defects, if any, are eliminated.

Subject Matter Experts, QA Analysts and Process Auditors perform Project Audits on a regular basis for all projects, to ensure that processes, tools, technologies and individuals are being utilized optimally. The Project audits enables us to realize high quality, adhere to schedules and deliver competitive products to our customers by identifying improvement areas and initiating appropriate actions.